Arrows News · Latest from the OHSAA – March 27th

Latest from the OHSAA – March 27th

The following email was received this afternoon from the OHSAA. At this time spring sports are still on hold. Also all school facilities are still off limits.


To:         All OHSAA Member Schools’ Superintendents, Principals and Athletic Administrators

From:    Jerry Snodgrass, Executive Director

Good afternoon to each of you. In light of today’s announcement, we wish to keep you up-to-date on the current status of our school athletic programs as they relate to the current COVID-19 crisis. I applaud each of you for the efforts to continue learning and, while our athletic programs are on hold, your combined efforts are the reason they WILL return…stronger than ever.

Thursday’s Announcement

As most of you are now aware, all remaining winter sport tournaments (state ice hockey, state individual wrestling, girls’ state basketball and boys’ regional and state basketball) are now cancelled. There had been many conversations with venue management and, in concert with current information from Gov. DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health, we felt the window of opportunity has closed completely. In an attempt to reach as many student-athletes as possible (and community members), I have communicated the “Open Letter…” found at this link to the competing schools:

Thank you for communicating with your coaches and student-athletes to help them understand the crisis we face needs their help and, in order to get school extracurricular activities back as soon as possible, they are a major part of the solution. The end of the winter tournaments, while extremely emotional, is part of a great sacrifice that will be for the betterment of many. Thank you for serving as the leaders to our FUTURE leaders, and I hope you will extend our gratitude to your coaches as well.

Honoring This Year’s Teams

ESPN has done a tremendous job of honoring seniors on their evening SportsCenter show with Scott VanPelt. Our sport administrators have ideas and are encouraging others to give ideas as well.

Looking Ahead – Spring Sports

At the time of this communication, we continue with the hope we can return and have a semblance of a spring season. As of today, four states have officially cancelled their spring sport seasons. An important aspect to keep in mind is making certain ‘consistency’ exists among our 800-plus member schools. When the initial school closures were announced, we immediately heard from member schools with the request to be consistent and shut down for everyone and not permit some schools in a league/conference to practice/compete while others are not being permitted due to local regulations.

Refunds for Purchased State Wrestling/Basketball Tickets

The Ohio State University Ticket office is refunding all pre-sold tickets in the following manner:

For All Credit Card Purchases: Refunds will be made within three (3) weeks of the scheduled starts of the tournaments.

For all Check Purchases: Refunds will be made within five (5) weeks scheduled starts of the tournaments. Here is the link on our website:

April 22 OHSAA Board of Directors’ Meeting

While we are currently exploring conducting the April 22 meeting electronically, the meeting at the OHSAA office is currently cancelled. We will publicly communicate the rescheduling of this meeting.

Important Notes to all Athletic Administrators

While the deadline is extended to MAY 15 for you to submit your school’s tournament officials’ ballots for Wrestling and Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, please find time to submit these as soon as possible through the school’s myOHSAA account. To date, there were nearly 400 athletic directors that had not been submitted. These are important for next year’s tournaments.

Competitive Balance Date Adjustments

As you may be aware, all schools have submitted their roster data for the fall sports of football, soccer and volleyball. This data is used to determine the 2020 tournament divisions and representation. Our staff plans to present this information to the Board of Directors for approval at one of their upcoming spring meetings.

For girls’ and boys’ basketball, the original deadline to submit roster data was April 1. The new deadline is Friday, May 15, although, with the fluidity of our current situation, that date may change again. However, we highly encourage schools who are able to complete and submit their roster data to do so immediately. As of late last week, there were still approximately 150 schools that had yet to submit their roster data for girls and/or boys basketball through the school’s ArbiterGame account.

Spring Athletic Discussion Meetings (Voting for Referendum Items)

As mentioned previously, the OHSAA’s Constitution requires meetings to review any proposed amendments/changes/ additions to the OHSAA’s Bylaws and Constitution. Our Board of Directors has approved several Constitutional and Bylaw proposals for member schools to vote upon. While we have cancelled all face-to-face meetings to review the proposals, which were set to begin in April, we will be communicating the date for these to be viewed in an online presentation.

District Athletic Board Elections

While nominating petitions are not scheduled to be completed and submitted until April 30, our office typically sent out a reminder that the process was set to open up on April 1. The reminder as well as the date for opening up nominating positions is being postponed. When adjusted dates are set, we will communicate them and send out a reminder when the process will open.