Arrows News · Tecumseh Athletic Culture Playbook – Please Read

You are not only an Arrow you are an Ohioan and an American

What We Believe          How We Behave

BE A GREAT TEAMMATE:                        Put others before self

Selfless – Think of others                           Be kind

Family – Everyone matters                          Care and love each other

STAND UP AND OWN IT:                               Treat people with respect

Integrity – Do the right thing all the time          Take ownership, Act above the line                         

EMBRACE THE GRIND:                                 Be the best version of you, Mentally and                                                                                                     physically tough 

Committed – Be someone that can be counted on

Grit – Keep going everyday                             

What does this all mean? It means each one of us has a job to do to protect our family, friends, state of Ohio, and the United States. It is extremely important that we are GREAT TEAMMATES and care for each other. That means we STAND UP AND OWN IT. We must do what we have been asked to do by the Governor and President to protect our family, friends, state and country. We must EMBRACE THE GRIND. It is going to be long and hard to do. We must keep doing what we have been asked to do to defeat this virus. Please encourage your family and friends to do the same no matter what school they attend. We are one big team in this fight.